We are lucky, also, to have three of the best hosts in the business. Hilarious, intelligent, and gorgeous are the most common words used to describe us. Come out to see us, and you will certainly agree.

HOST: MATT (The Big Head)

Height: 5'11 / Weight: Three Spins / Shoe Size: 13

Side Hustle: Professor of Mathematics

*Power Host with Beast Mode capabilities

*Extreme character issues

*No intangibles

*Locker room pariah

*Ox-like blocking ability


Height: 5'8 / Wingspan: 71" / 40-Yard Dash: 4.19 seconds

Side Hustle: Coffee Shop GM

*Break-neck speed

*Gym Rat

*Slashes upfield

*Second-level accelerator


Height: 5'9 / Wingspan 70" / Cone Drills: 6.50 seconds

Side Hustle: College Administration Aficionado

*Dominates line of scrimmage

*Great Hands

*Tremendous upside

*Film room dynamo 

Our founder, Matt, had been casually running a general trivia night at The Shrunken Head in Victorian Village once a week for about 9 months. Then, a sweet young lady suggested a Harry Potter themed trivia night. Dubious, Matt decided to try it, not thinking it would turn into anything. Well, 310 unique Potter players and six Potter shows later, it's safe to say that Columbus needs more trivia nights.

A few dozen more themed shows and a few bars later, here we sit, spreading the trivial love all over the city.

If your bar/venue wants to add a trivia night to your weekly events, contact us at mattmccurry@gmail.com. We will do general trivia, music trivia, custom themes, or we can add you to our themed trivia event rotation! Events last about 2 hours and will bring new people from all over the city into your venue!

For all of Columbus, Ohio's trivial needs.

Big Head Trivia